Leaking Pipe Services

Leaking pipes can go without being noticed for several weeks at a stretch and if not paid attention to, it can go on for several months. When you have a leaking pipe/pipes in your house it can be a matter of serious concern. Now, is the time you take care of the leaking pipes and deal with the matter in hand.

When water is constantly lost through leaks it harms the environment, your property, and increases the water bill. Delays will result in expensive repairs and replacements. Remember that a pipe that is leaking continuously will lead to corrosion and damage of the fixtures and the entire plumbing system. Get professional help from ASAP Plumbing Service Studio City they include professional plumbers whom are licensed and have the skills and up to date tools.

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What are the signs of leakage?

Before a serious plumbing emergency occurs, you will always come across some signs. If you act on these signs immediately then the amount of damage caused will be minimal.

The signs of leaking are as follows

  • Do you hear constant dripping noises? Then, there is a leak nearby. Check for leaks by closely observing the leaking sounds.
  • If you witness puddles of water and rust underneath the faucets especially in and around the drains. Watch out for these in your tubs, sinks, shower, along with the floor right below your faucet.
  • The increased water bill. If your water bill is more than the usual whereas your water usage pattern has been the same.
  • Every time you turn the faucet on and off a squeaky sound is produced. It is an indication of leaking faucets.
  • Even when you turn off the faucet, water continues to drip.
  • If you don’t see or hear anything but end up experiencing rotten smell, know that there is a leak somewhere. This often leads to the growth of molds.

Threats of untreated leaks

After being familiar with the signs of leaking pipes, it is time you knew about the damages they can cause.

  • Damage of property. Floors, walls, carpets, and drywall will be ruined due to leaking pipes.
  • When a leaking pipe isn’t repaired on time it will result in serious costs. If a leaking pipe is located inside the ceiling wall, underneath the floor, or walls then the cost to repair and replace the pipe lines will be enormous.
  • Growth of molds. They love the atmosphere created by moisture and multiply in no time.

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